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Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech Fan Fiction
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Welcome to the Fosff community, short for Freedom of Speech Fanfiction! This journal provides a collection of fanfiction, fangirliness, and more. Everyone is welcome to join as long as you follow the rules and such. =] It's a very small community right now, but eventually, things will bloom.


- Click here to join.

- Do NOT spam.

- Respect each other.

- Do not flame.

- Nsfw is not permitted.


- Owner : Muffin-Chan (Dottie) & Monica (Three_Eyed_Gem)

- Admin : three_eyed_gem

- Admin : lightingflashes.

[...].news & updates

Fos-FF.net's AFTER-PURGE opening date: Feb. 14, 2008.
2013 OPENING DATE: UNKNOWN but keep an eye out on the fosff communities.


Fos-FF Forum (Down at the moment)
FoS-FF Writers (unofficial page, not updated and not ran by any of the staff)
FoS-FF Facebook Page (OFFICIAL PAGE ran by the owners)
Twitter (Ran by staff)
Tumblr (Ran by staff)


Soon to come.

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